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passionate about storytelling


This is what we do.

We are passionate about telling unconventional stories. We see our projects as the opportunity to inspire and provoke a wider audience.  With each story we tell, we hope to engender curiosity, spark conversation, and engage our audiences.

We specialize in content production and storytelling. We have experience creating audio, video, digital, web, and written content for a wide range of creative individuals, cultural institutions, and museum exhibitions.



Hudson Media is Rebecca Friday
& Jesse Goldstein


Rebecca Friday is a co-founder of Hudson Media. Rebecca has a background in art history and has spent many years working in and with museums and cultural institutions. She also functions as the lead producer for all video projects. She works directly with our client to help them craft and refine the story they want to tell.

Rebecca lives in New York City. She enjoys yoga, vegan pizza, and rock concerts.

Jesse Goldstein is a co-founder of Hudson Media. He has a background in a video production, and has self-taught himself a variety of disciplines that fall under the "digital media" category. He is the shooter/editor for all video productions here, and also leads on the creating and design of websites.

Jesse lives in Baltimore with his partner and a tiny cat. He enjoys playing ultimate frisbee and can name the starting lineup for the 1994-95 New York Knicks.


We create content for a variety of needs and, in turn, can offer a diversity of services. Through design, writing,  production, and more we hope to aid our clients in telling their complex stories for a wide range of audiences and users. Here you will find a selection of some of the projects we’ve collaborated on.


This is how you can reach us.

Our email is

We check it frequently.

We are based in NY and Baltimore, but we have worked nationally and globally for bigger projects, so feel free to reach out, regardless of location. We love to travel.

You can see Jesse's kit here, if you need to know our technical capabilities.